Think tank releaseseahawks wristbandss etiquette guide for Chinese officials

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A new guidebook on etiquette for Chinese officials involved in foreign affairs was released in Beijing on Wednesday.

The book, Civil Servants" Etiquette in Foreign Affairs, compiled by the Charhar Institute, a think tank on foreign affairs, clarifies how envoys should behave on formal diplomatic occasions.

Zhang Guobin, general secretary of the institute and chief compiler of the book, said the idea came to him and his team as the number of Chinese people heading overseas and engaging in diverse exchanges with people from across the globe has risen over the past decade.

The trend will grow more obvious, particularly under the Belt and Road Initiative, he said.

"During the process, etiquette plays a role that cannot be overlooked, as it is the "name card" and a direct reflection of a country"s culture," Zhang said.

He added that this is especially true for civil servants, who represent the Chinese government in foreign affairs.

"Against such a backdrop, it"s of great significance to conduct training of etiquette among officials, and we compiled the book in the hope of making some contribution," Zhang said.

Li Zhaoxing, a former foreign minister, wrote the book"s preface.

"As China grows more influential internationally, not only diplomatic staff members, but also others working at governmental organs need to know more about etiquette in foreign affairs. The book will offer them guidance," Li wrote in the preface.